Sunday, May 8, 2016

Annual DtC Videocast Tomorrow - Last Chance Signup

I'm not fond of looking at pictures of myself. It's even worse when I try and grab a screen shot like the above from last year's Tasting Room videocast. Blech. Makes me sick. That looks like I'm getting ready to spit! Actually it's the end of a sentence where I'm saying 'tasting roooommmmm.' That's what I look like when I say 'm,' and it's the best I could do - I'm sad to say. But looks aren't everything. 

This coming Tuesday I hope to sound smart even if I don't look good. We are presenting survey results from the Annual SVB-Wine Business Tasting Room Survey in a live videocast, and there is a lot to talk about such as this really interesting slide:

You can click on the slide to see it more clearly, but this quantifies an argument that is raging in several AVA's throughout the U.S. The question from some is "There are too many tourists!" .... yes I know that's not phrased as a question Alex, but that's the crux of the debate. 

What the slide says is if you are producing 25,000 cases or less, which is the overwhelming majority of producing wineries, more than half of your sales now come from direct sources such as the tasting room, wine club, and events. But that is only a small teaser.


There is no question that direct sales are the lifeblood of wineries today, and it's an area that all wineries are working at improving. Metrics and benchmarks are part of the Secret of a Successful Direct Program, and this telecast is easily one of the most important and watched broadcasts annually because that is what we discuss. That is why I hope you will join us from your desktop for this year's live telecast, Tuesday the 10th where we will discuss some of the current survey findings with:

Sign Up Here: [LINK]

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