Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Q&A on the SVB Wine Report

SVB Wine Industry Report Plus Video Chat & Q&A

The 2013 Wine Industry Report is out with the first ever Live Video Conference linked above. Joining me on the panel were industry luminaries Paul Mabray, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of VinTank, Tony Correia, Founder Correia-Xavier Inc., and Mary Jo Dale, Chief Consumer Direct Officer of KLH Consulting.
If you haven't seen the report or the video, you can get them both in a choice of formats here: [Wine Report] If you would like to read through the video chat from the conference, see responses to the questions by the panel, and continue to discuss some of the findings you can do so in this forum and the panelists and I will answer. Also - since this was the first ever Live Video Conference, I would appreciate any critique, feedback, or ideas for potential future programming.