Friday, September 28, 2018

The Annual SVB Wine Business Survey


      Business Intelligence?

There is something changing in the business environment. You can feel it. Business is good, but it's fundamentally changing. You have examples of change in the way your business is functioning right now. The consumer is different, but what's causing the change and how will the change impact you? 

Those are the questions business owners should be asking today because change creates both opportunities and threats. So we need to understand what's happening in measurable ways. We all need to know exactly what's transpiring, but how are you going to get that business intelligence?

      Story of My Life

I've always been frustrated by the lack of actionable information and the availability of street-level intelligence in the wine business. There was plenty of information on wine-making and grape growing, but there was never satisfying business intelligence available. What is really happening? How can I know if a decision is sound without any reference points? 

With no good information available, more than 15 years ago I started doing annual research just to make sure the wine community had a starting point. There is a lot to talk about today:

  • What are emerging trends in Direct to Consumer sales?
  • Is there any pricing upside available in my price segment?
  • Will M&A continue and if so, what are buyers seeking?
  • What growth rate can I anticipate next year?
  • Where should I look for new consumers?
  • Are imports or cannabis going to cut into sales? 
  • Will grape prices increase next year?