Monday, October 12, 2020

OPEN: SVB Annual State of the Industry Survey

Spring, Summer, Fall, Planning 

Winter is a time for planning - and do we ever need to plan! But where do we start? 

Are we oversupplied still? Do we even know if wine sales are higher or lower? How should we position next year when we put our business plans together? Should we forecast for higher or lower sales? What do we know now? 

BW166 has concluded wine volume entering the wholesale channel is up 4% as of August 2020. SipSource, a database using wholesale depletions has wine volume combining both on and off premise down 1.3% year over year though June. Wines & Vines Analytics concluded that Direct Shipments through June were 29% higher in volume. 

Where is the consumer in all of this? What is driving demand? Are we up or down? The reality is - the future is not yet clear, but I hope to change that. 

Readers of the SVB Annual State of the Industry Report know that we try to make sense out of the data and offer predictions on tomorrow. That whole exercise starts with the State of the Wine Industry Survey. 

Because of fires, COVID-19, closed or reformatted tasting rooms, travel and tourism restrictions and more we’ve asked ourselves should we even run a survey this year and develop information for our Annual State of Wine Industry Report?

In asking that question, we reached out to industry leaders to get their opinion and the message we received load and clear was the data and insights are even more critical this year. 

We hope you feel the same and will participate in this year’s survey. Without your help, we will be limited in producing the information you need.

The Survey is Open!

The survey will be open October 13 and close October 30. It takes about 15 minutes for most to complete, but to prepare we’ve included this link to the questions

As a survey participant, we will provide you the full anonymous results, top-level analysis and relevant charts. Note that the full results are distributed ONLY to those who complete the survey.

Please forward to your winery colleagues and promote this on your social media channels. We really need a good response this year!


  1. Lodi/Clarksburg is #1 in survey returns! Come on, other regions, beat us!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jon. So great to see Lodi/Clarksburg in the mix!

  3. Wasnt able to fill out survey in time. Can I donate for a chance to receive the results??

    1. WG - Sorry but the complete set of results are only released to participants gratis. We don't have a paid option.

      We make extensive outreaches to AVA's, and use direct emails, social media, and my blog to let people know the survey is open. We leave it open for 3 weeks but that's as long as we can go.

      Please sign up for future surveys at the bottom of the page on this URL:


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