Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Annual SVB Direct to Consumer Survey is Open

Improving and evolving your direct sales strategies, marketing, and sales will be the difference between success and struggling in the coming decade as the industry's consumer target evolves under our feet as, anti-alcohol groups push their agenda and competition from beer, spirits, and foreign wine intensify. We defend ourselves by using data and evolving or approach.

For instance, how does your tasting fee compare to your region? Are you enticing consumers or scaring them away with that? Are your tasting rooms sales growing like others in your area? What are the splits between club sales and tasting room sales and are they in-line with comps. There are so many other questions that deserve attention.

Shortcut for those looking for the links: Survey Questions  Take the Survey Now ... otherwise, let me convince you a little more.

      You Need Metrics

This time of year, I dig into the direct to consumer segment as Silicon Valley Bank and Wine Business Monthly collaborate on producing the "Secrets to Successful Consumer Wine Sales Survey." All this is done on a gratis basis to help the industry make decisions, but it's a partnership with you: If we don't get survey responses, we can't produce reliable analysis.

This effort is so important to industry success, that every major industry association on the West Coast and many others from around the country actively support the project.

Last year, we had about 10% of the industry complete the survey, providing a statistically significant sample by bottle price, years in business, location, and case size.

The survey is now open and will close March 20th at which point SVB will contribute substantial time and resources to analyze the data, turning it into relevant information for the wine community.

In May, all respondents who complete the survey will receive high-level analysis, benchmarks and the complete sanitized respondent data, anonymized of all personal and business identifying information. In June we will then broadcast a live videocast to the industry to go over the new findings.

This year the survey has approximately 30 questions and should take you no longer than 15 minutes to complete and even less if you are a little prepared. If you would like to see the questions in advance, you can download and print them here.

Are you ready to participate in the survey this year?

Please promote this post in your favorite social media platform, or even better - please forward the link to your winery colleagues and ask them to participate.

If you would like your AVA to participate, we will also send the AVAs free Regional Benchmarks for their own use, presuming we have a statistically significant sample size and an address to send the information.

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