Saturday, March 17, 2018

Last Chance to Get 2018 DtC Metrics

The Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales Survey closes March 23

How do you know you are performing at the top of club performance, or even above the average? What percent of revenue, relative to total revenue do your neighbor wineries produce from just the tasting room or just the club? If I asked you how many wineries pay for data capture within their comp structure in the tasting room, what would be your guess? What percent of revenue comes in through web sales in your region?
What's the reserve tasting fee in your region? How about the average tenure of a club member sorted out by average bottle price? Would it help to know the average gain in club members in your AVA last year?
Each year for the past decade, we've surveyed the US Wine Industry on their Direct to Consumer efforts and after running the analysis, returned the benchmarks, data set, and all the charts to participants without charge, other than the 15 minutes needed to complete the survey. Last year we had over 10% of the wineries in the US participate. Why not your winery?
To try and get as much regional participation as possible, the annual Direct-to-Consumer Wine Sales Survey has been extended one additional week and will now close this Friday, March 23. 
After taking the survey, you will be sent an email with your answers which you should save for the date when you get back all the benchmarks. Participants will receive the full analysis in middle May. 
To review the questions and prepare for the 2018 survey, download and print them here.


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