Thursday, October 7, 2021

Where Does Your AVA Stand Among its Peers?


How are we doing on the SVB Annual Winery Survey?

I get the question all the time at survey time. Let me update you.

With two weeks down and essentially one week left until the 2021 SVB Wine Conditions survey closes, we have 300 respondents. 

We need a minimum of 450 responses to provide statistically meaningful data but are hoping we have a more normal response above 600 wineries respond. That would require doubling where we sit today.

Each region with 20 responses or more will get its own regional benchmarks. There are only 5 that hit that mark now. Several AVAs who have been significant participants in the past include Lodi, Paso, Foothills, Texas, and New York, but all AVAs have a ways to go to get to historical participation rates, so please make this short exercise a priority!!

The Survey:

If you own or operate a winery, I ask you to please contribute your information to the data set so our industry can get better information and guidance. 

We can't produce free information like this without you doing your part!

Please note that for the first time, we will only be sending charts and the complete data set to those who fully participate in the survey. We will no longer release charts from the survey that are discussed in the videocast to the general public.  If you want the information that is derived from the survey, you will need to spend 15 minutes answering the survey.

The survey will be open until October 15. It takes about 15 minutes for most to complete, but to prepare, we’ve included [this PDF] listing of the questions. 

Thank you for participating in the survey, and for helping the wine industry get a clearer picture of our current state and what lies in front of us.

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