Sunday, June 6, 2021

The 2021 DTC Videocast Brings Clarity to a Changed Consumer

The Report

Fifteen hundred people signed up to watch the 2021 Silicon Valley Bank Annual Direct to Consumer Videocast held on May 25th, where we released the newly formatted and constructed benchmarks and metrics from the March 2021 DTC survey. 

I'd say the broadcast went well, outside of my worst nightmare coming true when my internet died in the opening and I had to switch wireless connections. No matter. I survived one more Zoom surprise. 

For those unfamiliar, the Annual SVB DTC Survey runs in March of each year. Then, based on proprietary analysis - this year from 460 wineries, the report delivers the industry’s best insights into the evolution of direct-to-consumer sales tactics and success strategies. 

From the emergence of new product offerings, to enhanced consumer engagement in the virtual realm, to changed tactics due to heightened health and safety regulations, much has changed in the wake of the most difficult industry conditions since prohibition. 

Each of these topics, and many more are covered in the videocast as we rotate through the 24 presentation slides giving added color. This gratis report and videocast is a must-view and must-read for anyone engaged in the wine business.

A Cautionary Note

Silicon Valley Bank has been producing gratis survey insights and benchmarks for the industry for over 20 years. Our reports are fueled through a partnership and collaboration with you and your winery. The interest in the report findings is always high. But without your own winery's participation, we can't produce the robust information to share with you. This year, we were only 10 surveys away from dropping below a 95% confidence interval, and a few regions couldn't be split out due to statistically insignificant response rates. 

Please sign up for Silicon Valley Bank research and participation in surveys [here]. Select the "Staying Ahead of the Innovation Curve: Wine" box and submit.

We hope that if you get something out of our reports, you will give back to our broader wine community by participating in our two annual surveys. The next one, our Annual State of the Wine Industry Survey, is slated for October, with the insights reported in January!

In the meantime, download the newly released Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report [here] and watch the virtual event recording of our expert panel’s views on the findings at the top of the blog.