Tuesday, June 5, 2018

After-Hours TV: The Cutting Edge of DTC Sales

It Never Ended

The annual SVB videocast was over, but the cameras kept rolling and the discussion continued through the night until the sun started peering through the studio window. Eyelids sanded away retinas with each blink while the smell of spent smokes and stale beer perfumed the room. Amazingly, it was time to shave again, but the studio audience asked for more.

The panelist's raspy voices found comfort with hot coffee, and with adrenaline driving us forward we offered up new topics such as gullet level depletions, employing wine ambassadors in your sales strategies, and the value of making social statements with your brand. But who would get the last word? Would the videocast end?

The recent 2018 SVB / WBM DtC videocast was long over, but fueled by questions from the studio audience, the show continued on in this new telecast presenting cutting-edge information, metrics, and wide ranging opinions. This is a 'must see' view for those interested in state of the industry direct-to-consumer strategy and wine sales.

Please [sign up] for the upcoming one-hour original After-Hours production of the 2018 Direct-to-Consumer videocast: Your Questions Answered.

This new information is presented in a rapid-fire session covering a volume of important Direct to Consumer topics including:
  • The correlation between number of shipments and club member length.
  • The death of the club: Don't club the consumer.
  • Complete consumer choice versus no choice: Which produces the better outcome?
  • Leaving the cult: Bringing in people who aren't in the wine industry.
  • Zero sales volume growth: Dealing with reality.
  • How do we collect consumer names and data?
  • Instagramable moments and data capture
  • Is social media influence falling off?
  • Automated sales platforms
  • Experience away from the tasting room and the use of Evangelists
  • Is hospitality really selling?
  • Monetizing facilities in a new sales paradigm.
  • How do we bridge to the new consumer?
  • The value of a face on for a brand
  • Differentiation by sharing your subculture
  • Are there any decent POS solutions?
You are sure to come away with new ideas to drive your 2018 success so grab your colleagues for a share in your conference room or settle in with your laptop.

Please Join Us:

      Title: 2018 Direct-to-Consumer Follow-up Videocast: Your Questions Answered
      Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
      Time: 09:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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