Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 State of the Industry Report

Most of the wine business has already developed their strategic plans for 2017 and is starting to execute. The plans had to be put together using history as a guide, laced with a hint of a best guess. That's just the way this family owned industry has to roll.

Good analysis and information is hard to come by, so if you are now examining your plans for the year ahead, some questions you could already be asking might include:

  • Which cohort dominates wine purchases? (Hint #1: Not millennials. Hint #2: See chart above. 
  • Can wineries increase prices in 2017? 
  • Are we entering a vineyard real estate bubble?
  • What is the greatest concern of winery owners?
  • Can luxury brands increase price?
  • Where are the pain points in wine supply?
  • How much will overall fine wine sales increase next year? 
  • What varietals are selling and who is buying?
  • What role might bottled imports play? 
  • Which price points are moving or stalled? 
I started researching in late October, began writing the Annual Wine Report in middle November, augmented my findings with results of the Annual Wine Conditions Survey by late November and completed writing by middle December. I think I have a pretty good guess what the year ahead will be like and I want to share it with you!

Join me on Wednesday January 18th at 9:30am Pacific Time for a live videocast and discussion of the findings from the release of the 2017 SVB Annual State of the Wine Industry Report. [Signup]

Joining me on the panel this year will be:

It's going to be a great show but if you can't make the live videocast, please [register] to receive a link to the video replay and the complete 2017 Wine Report after the event.


  1. I could not make the videocast, but would love to see the replay. The "register" link for the video replay does not seem to be working

    1. Beamer - So sorry for the issue. It was our fault. One of our staff tried to get a last communication out about the event and picked up a bad video link. We're bummed about screwing up but it happens.

      The video replay is up as of now and available for you and anyone else who had a problem this morning. You can find the replay at www.svb.com/wine-report