Sunday, May 17, 2015

Replay of 2015 DtC VideoCast + Chat

Another live videocast is in the can and has already hit summer re-runs on YouTube.

Somebody will soon be sending you some popcorn for you to pare with a pinot gris, so you can settle in with your tasting room colleagues to review the findings of the Wine Business Monthly/Silicon Valley Bank Tasting Room Survey .... feedback-results, whatever you want to call it.

In this year's broadcast, I ....Rob McMillan of the "Legendary Hair" (...see Alex' comment below at the 10:32 mark for that one .... haha...), participated with Sonyia Grabski, President of Sales & Marketing at Sullivan Vineyards, Cyril Penn, First Executive Editor in Chief of Wine Business Monthly, and Craig Root, CEO & Chairman of Craig Root and Associates.
I think this live videocast might have been the most interesting in our series. It was loaded with really revealing metrics and charts emphasizing the changes in direct activity, in addition to open and practical discussion from the panel. I give the movie: three drunk dummies!
In any case, I'll let you decide how many drunk dummies you give it, and without further rambling, as promised following is the chat that ran concurrent with the live video.

Chat Transcript
Silicon Valley Bank Webinar: Secrets of a Successful Tasting Room 2015

May 12, 2015


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9:38 AM  Brandon:



9:38 AM  Keith: exactly, why is that
     You are asking why profitability has dropped for wineries and the answer is because DtC isn't yet as profitable as the traditional channels. We are working on a better understanding of that at this point and hope to have something back to you soon.

9:38 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Hi Brandon!

9:38 AM  Hannah: hannah

9:39 AM  Danielle Clark: Hi Brandon, Danielle w Galante Vineyards!

9:39 AM  Keith: overhead

9:39 AM  Keith: is that due to the shift to DTC
   Keith: Yes

9:39 AM  Alessandra: Good morning from Napa Valley!  Darioush Winery.

9:40 AM  Keith: must be

9:40 AM  winemaps: Ryan Ornelas |

9:40 AM  Jacques: Good morning from Coeur de Terre Vineyard, Willamette Valley. -jacques

9:40 AM  Duffy: Duffy Keys From B Cellars:

9:40 AM  Brandon: Hi Sandra and Danielle!

9:40 AM  SVB_Maria: Please be sure to type any  of your questions in the chat panel at any time during the videocast.

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9:41 AM  Alan@Cartograph: seated and tours also increase staffing cost

9:41 AM  Jen: Jenifer: Hello from Chiselled Grape Winery

9:42 AM  Michael Adams: G'day from the Northwest Wine Studies Program

9:42 AM  MIkeO: also have to have the facility for seated tastings

9:42 AM  Mitch Bakich: Is anyone else experiencing feed issues?
     Mitch -  we have people getting choppy feeds at times, and have found that the issue is on the viewer's end.... bandwidth, computer programs open, slowness or weak wireless, etc. Best to shut your other programs and do what you can do to increase your bandwidth.

9:42 AM  Harald: Harald from Chiselled Grape Winery WI

9:42 AM  Slow feed: yes

9:42 AM  Jen: Hi Harald

9:43 AM  cflaherty90: Good morning from Cask Stores, San Francisco

9:43 AM  Slow feed: Poeopl who book private or high end experiences have always spent more and bought more

9:43 AM  Chris: Is there a link to the slides?

9:43 AM  porscha111: see if you have it opened twice.

9:43 AM  Mel: Where do I find slides

9:44 AM  ToshaNorris: Good morning, Tosha from Boisset Collection

9:44 AM  Doug: Aren't consumers getting tired of tours?
    Doug: I know that I am a little tired of wine tours, but people have the option to take a tour or not. Still, to your point - looking for a point of engagement is what is important whether that is by a tour, or a live Skype chat with a consumer group in North Carolina.

9:44 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Good question....

9:44 AM  Boo: its called wine tourism vs boozing

9:44 AM  Pierre_Costa: Question: if all the wineries are moving to seated tasting, it would stop the buses with people who come and take pictures and leave. If that happen, how much would it impact on sales? Better or worse.
     It depends on the kind of winery. We have clients who appreciate a bus tour (but prefer to have the bus first of course.) Others, if we sent them a bus of consumers, they would kill us.

9:45 AM  Lynn: As a winery room taster for almost 25 years, I really dislike crowded tasting bars. We love being able to talk with winemakers. Back in the early '90's in Napa you could still do that.

9:45 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: bus tour groups can be re-routed outside of the tasing room in a vineyard tour and barrel room tasting.

9:45 AM  Boo: by appt allows wineries to manage client flow and provide an experience

9:45 AM  Lynn: Pierre, Should be better. People who are there to buy wine won't have to fight with the bus people for space

 9:45 AM  Boo: its nice to be able to walk in but often that means the experience is below avg

9:46 AM  Pierre_Costa: ... for sales? the conversion rate would be better, but also your cost would be higher...

9:46 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: the bus people need a quick way to check out outside of tasting room - using mobile POS can solve this problem....

9:46 AM  doug: love to have this report emailed to me at please

9:47 AM  porscha111: I ditto that Doug.
     The participants in the Tasting Room Survey will get the complete slide deck as their gift for participating. I want to make sure the survey participants are rewarded for participation and if we sent the slides to everyone, our response rate would drop. It is however a point we are currently discussing ... deciding if there is a compromise to offer viewers.

9:47 AM  Boo: bus load and seated tasting creating experience a not mutually inclusive

9:47 AM  Boo: are not

9:47 AM  Bill Gunn: ditto

9:47 AM  Israel: i ditto porscha111

9:47 AM  Keith: Staff training is horrible and if you rotate badly trained people through the industry, the industry is still full of badly trained people, most are not sales/customer service professional

9:47 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: online reservations allow winery staff to better QUALIFY AND PREPARE for first-time visitors and loyal club members

9:49 AM  Doug: Conversion rates don't matter if retention rates are not increasing. What are people doing to retain their wine club members?

9:49 AM  Alex: Finding a shortage of tasting room staff candidates.

9:49 AM  Boo: the best tasting room employees do the job because they love the job not because compensatoin is worthwhile, most employees are part time

9:49 AM  Caitlyn: Agree with Alex

9:49 AM  Israel: In Mexico people dont make reservations

9:50 AM  Israel: Boo is right

9:50 AM  Pierre_Costa: Do Wineries should reach out these tour companies and set the expectations of seated down tasting? We can see the bad reviews in TripAdvisor and Yelp are from people who didn't get the expectations right

9:50 AM  Lynn: If I am on vacation, making an appointment or RSVP limits the spontaneity of your activities. People on vacation don't want to be tied to a schedule.

9:50 AM  Stevie: we're not taking reservations in Livermore, always a personal experience for our guests

9:50 AM  JK Carriere Wines: Any Data on Wine Club retention?

9:50 AM  Israel: I found that the best TR employees are retired people who just love to talk about wine

9:50 AM  Israel: in their free time

9:50 AM  Christy: what is TR?
     A: Tasting Room..... HELLO!!  :)

9:50 AM  doug: doug- how does the smaller tasting room compete with the big guys when in Paso there over 300 tasting rooms?!

9:50 AM  Israel: tasting room

9:51 AM  Alex: Offering $20/hr with club member aquisition bounties.  Averaging $25/hour and closer to $30/hr during the summer months. Am I not paying enough to get A-team members?

lytics to understand who your customers are, their preferences, etc.  Send a survey once a year with NO MORE than five questions to learn about what members want verses first-timers

9:51 AM  Alex: I do like Sullivan's wines.... :)

9:51 AM  David Rudnick: Alex: You should have the best staff for those wages.

9:52 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Vin65 has a "locator tool" that is out of the box for retail/restaurant locations

9:52 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: simple excel upload of retail outlets

9:52 AM  Alan@Cartograph: $25 - $30 is a lot for tasting room staff unkess they have other duties

9:52 AM  Lynn: If everyone paid the TR staff like Alex, there would be better customer service. You get what you pay for.

9:53 AM  Israel: what is the average tasting room wage? in times minimum wage?

9:53 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: buyer supports distributor but is also a direct customer in many cases. large influencer community to pay attention to on the DTC side.....

9:53 AM  Slow feed: 1.5X Minimum wage

9:53 AM  Margaret: they are not supporting the distributor, they are supporting the winery!

9:53 AM  Israel: thanks Slow feed

9:53 AM  Shayne: Can the panel comment on successful incentives for TR staff to sell clubs?

9:53 AM  PM_John: In Sonoma County it is about $14/hr.

9:53 AM  Deb: the live feed is buffering and we are missing half of the presentation, will this be available to view later?

9:53 AM  Alex: David - I can't find anyone to work for $20/hr.  Small family owned winery in Napa Valley.  Busiest on weekends, of course, but not a "grind" of a job.

9:54 AM  Boo: Alex - that compensation without benefits etc does not attract the best and brightest.  Best and brightest in the wine business don't work in a tasting room.  they become winemakers, GMs, and take

9:54 AM  Martin: we give $15 per WC enrollment

9:54 AM  Alex: Yes, looking for someone with energy, tech savvy (enough to help with a spreadsheet), etc..

9:54 AM  Boo: sales jobs where they can scale they relationship skills

9:54 AM  David Rudnick: Israel: Walla Walla is around 1.2
thanks david

9:54 AM  Planet Bee: Whats your opinion on tip jars for staff?

9:55 AM  Israel: I dont like tip jars

9:55 AM  David Rudnick: Not a fan

9:55 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: mes to stay on top of staffing.  maximize space by offering group tours/tastings as well as advance reservations

9:55 AM  Boo: terrible idea

9:55 AM  Melissa: we give our staff a 5% commission of every club shipment for the life of the club member

9:55 AM  Michael Cima: don't like tip jars

9:55 AM  Israel: I think it make the TR look like a cheap bar

9:55 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: NO TIP JARS

9:55 AM  Boo: visitors who tip know how to do it subtlety

9:55 AM  Israel: I think it make the TR look like a cheap bar

9:55 AM  Israel: yes

9:55 AM  Lynn: Id you want retired people passionate about wine you'll have to pay them more than $15 hour.

9:55 AM  David Rudnick: exactly

9:56 AM  Pierre_Costa: You have to consider WHERE you are paying. Napa would be higher than Sonoma and specially from Central Coast.

9:56 AM  Jensmith: $15.-$18. per hour  in monterey co $10 for club sign ups

9:56 AM  Alex: Boo - you are correct, of course.  Looking for a full-time, health insurance, dental (with co-pay), life, $40k/year, Average $20-$30 per wine club bounty (depending on which club).

9:56 AM  Boo: btw - retired people in CA wine regions with serious wine knowledge don't work for the wage - they work for the industry discount!!

9:56 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Good points Sonyia! Leverage customer data WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

9:57 AM  Boo: Answer is training - teach your employees, invest in them.  Wineries which are still small and family owned don't understand this!!

9:57 AM  Corinna: Thanks for the shout-out Sonyia :)

9:57 AM  Lynn: Boo - I think they undertsnad it beut can't afford it or don't have time to do it.

9:58 AM  Boo: 74% of Napa County wineries are less than 10k cases.  They struggle to develop distribution channels and programs let alone how to teach their tasting room staff how to create an experience!

9:58 AM  Ali from Dumas Station: @Melissa: 5% commission on every club shipment is impressive as a compensation incentive tool!

9:58 AM  Israel: the main problem we see in Mexico is that you spend a lot of time training just to see them go

9:58 AM  David Rudnick changed their nickname to David @ somme des parties.

9:59 AM  Margaret: Do these number include commission?

9:59 AM  Boo: key is the experience, do wine tourism properly your tasting room doesn't need to sell!  make truly quality wines and your tasting room staff doesn't need to sell

9:59 AM  Idywllwild: we have a $20 bonus on WC signup

9:59 AM  Idywllwild changed their nickname to Chris Johnston.

10:00 AM  Slow feed: I hope my staff doesnt see this chart :)

10:00 AM  Lynn: If they go, you either aren't paying enough or treating them like they want to be treated.

10:00 AM  Boo: wineries also do not approach this correctly - I disagree with Craig and his daily incentives

10:00 AM  Keith: slow feed, does that mean you underpay?

10:00 AM  Boo: goal is to make the winery work, great wine, great experience, great customer service then winery should be successful.  If successful then pay monthly group bonuses.  make it team not I.

10:01 AM  Slow feed: Loaded questions Keith..

10:01 AM  Boo: all this discussion revolves around I.. also team puts responsibility on management to manage!!

10:01 AM  Keith: underpaying is one of the reasons that it is hard to find really good help,

10:01 AM  cabizzell: Hi -- can someone give me the password?

10:01 AM  Stevie: Most Wineries rotate their staff every weekend

10:01 AM  cabizzell: All good there. But wondering where I can find the POS comparison page on the website.
  Cabizzel: Here you go. Sept 2014 WBM POS discussion page 83: [LINK]

10:02 AM  michael: Those attritions rates don't appear to be consistent with this:

     Micheal:  I'm not certain but you may be comparing 2015 with 2014 information. We did notice a change in several of the response categories year over year. We attribute that to the way we asked the questions (we are asking more precise questions as we learn) but also to tasting rooms doing a better job of keeping metrics versus estimating.

10:02 AM  Boo: Stevie - how does that work?

10:02 AM  Betsy: anyone having problem with audio?

10:02 AM  michael: average club membership is 28 months... that implies ~ 40% attrition, not 21.3%

10:02 AM  michael: in napa

10:03 AM  Harald: how much of wine attrition related to credit card expiration
     Probably more an issue of credit card fraud and the card numbers changing. Expiration on cards normally only change the expiration date. Card fraud is increasing but hopefully a reject in a card is an opportunity to go get in touch with your customer and check in to see if they still want to be in the club.

10:03 AM  Stevie: We rotate between 15 staff plus owners/winemakers

10:03 AM  Israel: No audio problem here

10:03 AM  Doug: So, what are WA and OR doing right?

10:03 AM  David @ somme des parties: Afforability?

10:03 AM  Eliana: not finding the slides for the presentation. Where can we find that?

10:03 AM  Boo: thur the tasting room?  if so great to here

10:03 AM  Jacques: Is there more data on why Washington has the lowest attrition rate?

10:03 AM  UrbanLegendCellars: Wa and OR have smaller pool of possiblities and probably more personal attention

10:03 AM  Lynn: How long do people stay wine club members after visiting winery. I bet it drops off after a year or two.
     Yes. There is a slide that points to that within the video presentation.

10:03 AM  Michael Adams: Audio - yes, Craig is not coming in as clear as the other speakers.

10:03 AM  MIkeO: we see a good percentage of our wine club fall-outs from credit card expiry

10:04 AM  Boo: redundancy and multi skilled is not how most wineries work, want to retain employees then train employees to love the business!

10:05 AM  Margaret: MIKEO - we have PayPros and auto credit card expiration update.  I recommend!

10:05 AM  SVB_Maria: If you have audio issues, you should be able to hear the sound through your computer. Please make sure your speakers are turned up.

10:05 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Drawings & Gifts don't create LONG-TERM/LOYAL CLUB MEMBERS.  Wine and Experiences DO!

10:05 AM  Harald: interesting slide on length of membership - what about size of allotment?

10:05 AM  Boo: exclusivity!!

10:05 AM  Betsy: Ditto DTC

10:05 AM  Boo: just said it, best c0mment to date

10:06 AM  Ryan: some questions on this slide, is this average of a

Boo: how does a wine club member feel when the wine he gets next quarter can be purchased 20% less at a local retailer???

10:06 AM  lauren: will slides be made available after the webinar?

10:06 AM  Ryan: If active, it can be deceiving

10:06 AM  Nathan: yes on audio cutting out

10:06 AM  Alan@Cartograph: audio all good here

10:06 AM  Slow feed: Thius my screen name...

10:07 AM  Alex: Audio good here, too

10:07 AM  PasoRoblesWinery: Take screen shots of the slides.  command shfit 4 on a mac

10:07 AM  bill: no audio here

10:07 AM  kFreeman: screen frozen

10:07 AM  Winesmith: Bad feed could be your router having to service your smart phone, tv and wireless printer. Turn them off?

10:07 AM  Mandii: my audio and visual is cutting out

10:07 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: club member only wines work best to ensure club members stay....
     Sandra Hess: That's one you and I will have to arm wrestle over. I have a shade of a different point of view. I'll buy you a cup of coffee at the office if you come in.

10:07 AM  Lynn: no problems here

10:07 AM  Chris2: watching on 2 different computers on 2 different networks; audio repeatedly cutting out on bot

10:07 AM  Chris2: both

10:08 AM  PM_John: Average of what?

10:09 AM  Ashly@Adobe: How manyof these visitors are appoinment vs walk ins? I feel like walk in customers are less likely to purchase a $100 bottle of wine, vs scheduled tastings

10:09 AM  JK Carriere Wines: Best way to increase TR traffic?

10:10 AM  bill: now atleast 2 audio channels on top of one another

10:10 AM  Rachela: Slide 5 is fascinating, but I'm wondering how many bottles per customer the panel thinks would be purchased at the $100 level vs. the $50 level
     Its a supply and demand issue. Consumers have a preference and price limit. There are far fewer wines sold at $100+, but what good is a wine if there are too many at a price point and have to discount?

10:10 AM  Betsy: Best way to increase TR traffic?

10:10 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Rob - QUESTION?  Do you see a correlation between the $100 + purchases due to seated tasting experiences/VIP tastings?
     Havent noticed that yet, but it makes sense.

10:10 AM  Lynn: I would guess the $100 wines are by appt tastings.
     ....and Napa centric.

10:10 AM  Alessandra: Could the panel please clarify if club attrition, in this context, includes members who do not keep current with payment methods, etc. or if it solely represents members who cancel their memberships?
     Attrition is loss of club members by any definition.

10:10 AM  copainmark: I'd like to know total sale or total bottles purchased not just price per bottle

10:10 AM  David @ somme des parties: $10/per visitor would be a great metric along with %purchased at price point

10:11 AM  David @ somme des parties: $/per visitor rather

10:12 AM  Harald: We reduce any bottle with tasting

10:12 AM  Slow feed: Not everyone can join the club -

10:12 AM  Slow feed: hello compiance...

10:12 AM  Slow feed: compliance

10:12 AM  Slow feed: :)

10:12 AM  DS: we do quantity of bottles purchased, not purchase price. anyone else? Of course, tasting fees refunded with membership (membership begins when purchasing first shipment)

10:13 AM  Martin: buy one bottle -50% off tasting fee. Buy 2 or more get 100% tasting fee reimbursed

10:13 AM  Chrisy Gallagher: they may join the club and have the fee waived, but it still doesn't guarantee they will ever accept a shipment

10:13 AM  DCV1972: what about non shipping states?

10:13 AM  Martin: join the club, get fee reimbursed


10:14 AM  Harald: i agree membership allows for certain free tastings - I know one winery that has annual trip to France, I am thinking of doing such a trip next year from the midwest- to CA and I will arange private a

10:14 AM  Stevie: ANd how many people do you comp if they bring in a group?

10:14 AM  MIkeO: we comp tastings for our wine club members and their guests

10:14 AM  Slow feed: we offer up to 4 comps - one private tasting comp per year

10:15 AM  Melissa: we offer up to 4 comps everytime they visit

10:15 AM  Boo: depends on historic purchasing from client, it is about what are the economics of the customer

10:15 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: By using advance reservation tools for group tastings, winery can comp member only tastings (member and one guest) and rest of group pays the fee upfront

10:15 AM  Rachela: Have you found that allowing members to bring guests to events is beneficial long-term?

10:15 AM  Boo: no hard rule - situations need to be managed

10:15 AM  PM_John: We extend club discount to friends of members they have brought into the TR

10:15 AM  RO HFV: we do WC member +3, total 4 comps per visit

10:15 AM  JackGalante: We offer from 2 to 6 comps each visit depending on their Club level.

10:15 AM  Harald: how many of your rooms have seating - I saw little of it in Santa Barbara last weekend

10:15 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Reservation tools allow managers to better qualify large groups and make decions about when/how to comp.

10:16 AM  PM_John: We have stools available but not parked at the bar.

10:16 AM  Heather: We currently only have a standing bar in Paso

10:16 AM  DS: depends on level of membership, lowest level membership is 4 guests. do not have limit on amount of time guests can come in as they usually bring friends

ela: Question for group: do you let your members bring guests to complimentary events?

10:17 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: NOOO GROUPON

10:17 AM  Betsy: NO GROUPON

10:17 AM  DS: we do. members plus 3 guests

10:17 AM  Planet Bee: what is the average tasting fee and how many "tastes" does one get

10:17 AM  Stevie: we have one level currenlty and usually comp 4, yet, depends on group, relationship with member.

10:17 AM  DS: no groupon, wrong crowd

10:17 AM  Boo: a tasting room/experience is not a BAR

10:17 AM  Heather: For our club parties we give 2 comp tickets and limit to bringing to guests for a fee

10:17 AM  PasoRoblesWinery: complimentary events, their guests should have a fee

10:17 AM  Harald: groupon and Living social tend to bring new wine buyers and people who gravitate to sweet

10:18 AM  Planet Bee: what is average $$ for tasting

10:18 AM  PasoRoblesWinery changed their nickname to Christina.

10:18 AM  MIkeO: groupon has been great for us - but we include food

10:18 AM  Alex: When Lot18 offered "Experiences", it was fantastic.  Had a lot of sales with them, but that was 3 years ago.  Groupon brings low end customers to keep the TR busy with low-end sales.

10:18 AM  Alex: But, better to be busy with lowend customers, that twiddling thumbs.

10:18 AM  Harald: we did food but it added to time to prepare gifts in advance of the crush days

10:19 AM  Alex: Considering a Groupon on right now for morning appointments only.  We are dead in the TR 10a.m. -11:30 a.m.

10:19 AM  Chrisy Gallagher: If charging members' guests for attending winery events, I think it should be a nominal fee...these people should be viewed as prime prospects to become the next club member

10:20 AM  Alex: Harald - I considered food, but had the same issue you did with the extensive prep time.  We aren't setup for food.  Wish we had a better kitchen.

10:20 AM  Boo: well said sonyia

10:20 AM  Betsy: @ Sonyia, how do you drive that right traffic?

10:21 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Alex - invite hospitality industry in during the 10 - 11:30 slot verses a GROUPON.  Better use of time.  Also offer group tasting experiences during your slow times for locals....

10:21 AM  Alex: Dev - You can direct traffic with the online offerings with greater promotional value or added service early in the day.

10:21 AM  Pierre_Costa: In this case is Comission or Bribery?

10:21 AM  VingDirect: I can give some tips on driving the right

10:21 AM  Alex: DTC Wine Workshops - great idea.  Will do that!

10:22 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Great!

10:22 AM  Winesmith: Work only with the Limo companies which do not allow alcohol consumption in the limo

10:22 AM  Chrisy Gallagher: Instead of limo driver commission, why not instead invite them occasionally to special events or gift special wine, etc?  Make them feel a part of the family and they will think of you first always

10:22 AM  Chrisy Gallagher: Instead of limo driver commission, why not instead invite them occasionally to special events or gift special wine,

10:23 AM  Chris Johnston: Funny the panel mentioned the Temecula Drunk Buses

10:23 AM  Ali from Dumas Station: Great idea @Chrisy, to build that relationship.

10:23 AM  Harald: interesting jen

10:23 AM  DCV1972: Both

10:23 AM  Lynn: I feel more pressure to buy in a By Appt situation.

10:24 AM  Betsy: audio

10:24 AM  Jen: Very  - Looking forward to discussing later

10:24 AM  Boo: remember - grease makes the world go around and you as a winery have bottles and bottles of it

10:24 AM  David @ somme des parties: Ha!

10:24 AM  Boo: make sure those who help drive your business are thought of!  a bottle of wine goes a long way!

10:24 AM  Chris Johnston: Nice metaphor, @Boo

10:24 AM  David @ somme des parties: Truth

10:24 AM  Harald: how long is a right time for appointments - we have some people park themselves buy wine by glass and take up valuable real estate on our busiest days, or during wine festivals

10:25 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: High end buyers WANT appointment only tasting experiences and are happy to pay more.  Map out guest experiences and test appt. only tastings in VIP private areas.

10:25 AM  David @ somme des parties: 15min/per wine

10:25 AM  David @ somme des parties: from our experience

10:25 AM  Rachela: we cap private experiences at 60-90min

10:25 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: GREAT point Craig Root !

10:25 AM  Boo: but DTC people - the wine needs to represent the experience.

10:25 AM  Chris Johnston: Its called a duplicate 02

10:26 AM  Lynn: urban tasting rooms are more like a wine bar

10:26 AM  MIkeO: urban tasting rooms are tough - if people can't get wine to their cars easily - no purchase.

10:26 AM  Jensmith: carmel by the sea is growing in second TR

10:26 AM  Chris Johnston: Indeed, @lynn - but you still get the exposure.

10:26 AM  Jen: How do you effectively invite a public guest to leave when they've overstayed their glass of wine?

10:26 AM  Rachela: switch out their glass for water

10:26 AM  Rachela: then they decide if they want to make it an issue

10:27 AM  Scott Klann: Ever heard of a little town called Murphys?  Walk to 21 tasting rooms.  It has it's pros and cons

10:27 AM  Jen: Great idea - thanks Rachela!

10:27 AM  Marcia: Great format SVB and an hour well spent.   I need to sign out a bit early.

10:27 AM  Lynn: Chris, I think urban tasting rooms are a good thing. THe more serious people will drive to the winery.

10:28 AM  Boo: in the urban mkt wine bar works better than specific tasting room

10:28 AM  Chris Johnston: You are correct.  Unless your winery is in an industrial park.

10:28 AM  Boo: then you can compete!

cene - bike rentals at Jack London Square with tasting room maps/bike routes - GREAT IDEA.

10:29 AM  Lynn: We've driven to wineries & breweries in industrial parks!

10:29 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Urban Wineries need to understand what the community wants and also leverage unique urban experience to out of town guests

10:29 AM  Boo: but there you go - it is becoming an experience in Jack London square

10:29 AM  mandii: I would like to have my staff watch this together.  Will it be available after?

10:29 AM  Rachela: Diddo!  Would love to watch again with whole staff

10:29 AM  Harald: we added tip lines this year after four years and it is a no brainer but we had set wages before that innovation

10:29 AM  Michael Cima: Same with my staff!

10:29 AM  Lynn: Will chat comments also be available?

10:30 AM  Jensmith: same with my staff watching

10:30 AM  Alex1: Not a fan of tip lines.  The existence on the receipt is pressure to give a tip.

10:30 AM  Grant: Thanks! Great hour well spent!

10:30 AM  David @ somme des parties: Lynn: Rob posts the chat log on his blog

10:30 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: GOOD POINT Sonyia!

10:30 AM  Harald: i did not hear about wine assessories and wine sales – merchandize

10:30 AM  DCV1972: Glad Dennis Miller could make it

10:30 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Wineries throughout the nation can share important data and learnings....

10:31 AM  Pierre_Costa: some wineries have a concierge which you have to pay beforehand... so, no chance to add tip.

10:31 AM  Alex1: Yes, great program.  Would love to rewatch.  Is this going to be posted?

10:31 AM  Harald: Helpful to Wisconsin -but we are limited to the number of tasitng rooms

10:31 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: yes

10:31 AM  Becky: Many of the things that are "standard" in Napa, wouldn't fly in NC! $50 tastings will never work!

10:31 AM  SVB_Maria: You’ll receive copies of both the presentation, the chat transcript and the videocast replay in the next couple of days.

10:31 AM  winemaster: Thank You SVB.

10:31 AM  Harald: thanks for replay

10:31 AM  chchantal: Michigan wines are $10-20 so wine clubs are a hard sell when the shipping fees are equal to wine in a club.  It is a different world because of that...



10:31 AM  Jim: Thanks

10:31 AM  MSC: thanks

10:32 AM  Katie: Thank you SVB!

10:32 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: GREAT JOB AS USUAL ROB!  Solid group of speakers..... Thank you!

10:32 AM  Kathie Barclay: Good session, thank you!

10:32 AM  chchantal: Thank you!

10:32 AM  Rachela: THanks, SVB

10:32 AM  Lynn: chantal - is that you brian?

10:32 AM  Michael Adams: Thanks to everyone.  Many great ideas.

10:32 AM  Jen: Great discussion - thanks!

10:32 AM  @WINESofWA: Worthwhile.  Thanks!

10:32 AM  Keith: Thank you all for taking the time to present the information to us

10:32 AM  PM_John: Thanks! very informative.

10:32 AM  Nathan: we don't get the slides until June/July?

10:32 AM  Heather: Thank you!

10:32 AM  Boo: Well done

10:32 AM  JackGalante: Thanks Rob and all!

10:32 AM  Neal: Thanks

10:32 AM  DS: thank you for your time!

10:32 AM  sippingsister: Thanks a lot

10:32 AM  Michael Cima: Thank you!  Well done!

10:32 AM  Alex1: The big question is.....will Rob ever lose his hair?  It's legendary at this point.  No?

10:32 AM  chchantal: not brian, ejb

10:32 AM  JK Carriere Wines: Thanks, all

10:32 AM  Alex1: Thank you Speakers!

10:32 AM  doug: Cheers from HammerSky!!

10:32 AM  Stevie: Thank you for all the information and chats, learned al lot

10:32 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Cheers!

10:32 AM  Jacques: cheers - jacques

10:32 AM  Winesmith: Stop by the next time you are in Yosemite

10:33 AM  Rachela: Hi jacques!

10:33 AM  Lara: Thank you!! Keep rockin!

10:33 AM  Rachela: ;)

10:33 AM  Jacques: bonjour Rachela

10:33 AM  Huge Bear Wines: Thank you!

10:34 AM  jeremy: please email deck of slides and any relevant info to jeremy@fogartywinery.

10:32 AM  Stevie: Thank you for all the information and chats, learned al lot

10:32 AM  DTC Wine Workshops: Cheers!

10:32 AM  Jacques: cheers - jacques

10:32 AM  Winesmith: Stop by the next time you are in Yosemite

10:33 AM  Rachela: Hi jacques!

10:33 AM  Lara: Thank you!! Keep rockin!

10:33 AM  Rachela: ;)

10:33 AM  Jacques: bonjour Rachela

10:33 AM  Huge Bear Wines: Thank you!

10:34 AM  jeremy: please email deck of slides and any relevant info to    thanks very much!! Great webcast!!

10:34 AM  Caitlyn: Thank you!

10:34 AM  Eliana: Thanks so much for doing this. I'm not sure if I'm on the list for the slides but would like to receive them at

10:34 AM  Caitlyn: also send to if possible

10:34 AM  porscha111: Signing off thanks, great talk Porscha with South Stage Cellars

10:34 AM  Mara: Thank you very much, great information. Please add me to the list for slides:

10:35 AM  Eliana: Also, if Cyril could send the link to the POS systems comparison that would be excellent to see too!

10:35 AM  Moira: moira:  Thank you.  Please add me on your list for slides also.

10:36 AM  cm: please add me to the list of slides

10:36 AM  mandii:

10:36 AM  lauren: slides to as well please

10:35 AM  Moira: moira:  Thank you.  Please add me on your list for slides also.

10:36 AM  cm: please add me to the list of slides

10:36 AM  mandii:

10:36 AM  lauren: slides to as well please

10:37 AM  DoctorD: would like slides and outline/transcripts

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