Thursday, September 4, 2014

Can You Help Me With A Damage Estimate for Napa?

I've been asked to help calculate a damage estimate of the losses of the Napa Wine Business Community which will then be used to support the request for Federal Assistance to President Obama. [articleWhile I have several sources of information available to make good estimates, I'd like to be as inclusive as possible. Can you help and send me your best guess on your loss estimates?
The timeline is crazy tight. I've been asked to have the estimate completed by Friday evening  - so doing this now would be good. (I'm sorry) I promise I'll not use the information for anything other than this purpose and will not use names in any document I prepare.
This isn't a commercial endeavor. We're trying to help and we are donating all our time and resources in that effort. Please send your basic guestimates to my work email: and include the business name in something resembling the following format if possible.
Please make your industry colleagues aware of this need by forwarding this post on social media.
Thanks again for your help - Rob


  1. Thank you Rob. I know how valuable your time and insights are.

  2. Thanks for those who have sent me their estimates thus far today. Keep them coming please.

  3. Thanks to all who helped in this activity. I was able to turn around the damage estimate to be included with the application for financial aid that is being sent to Washington hopefully for approval this week.


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