Saturday, October 10, 2015

Open: 2016 Survey of Wine Conditions

Take the survey
Take the Survey
What's really going on in the wine business this moment? Can wineries raise prices? What's the supply situation in the Central Valley? Is there good land available for planting anywhere? Where is there too much supply? With the crush in the tanks now, winery owners are starting to think about 2016 and making plans.
I started researching for the Annual State of the Wine Industry Report in August and have a good idea what it's going to look like already, but I always like getting another layer of information of the current situation. So for the past decade now, I've led a survey of the current conditions in which more than 600 wineries and the major AVA's from across the country participate every year.
Ten years since we started this, I'm told by winery owners that new surveys now show up in email boxes every week. Thankfully I'm consistently told, "We look for your survey and make sure to participate." Why are we so lucky to get this kind of participation? I think there are a few reasons but bottom line, we keep the information anonymous, we aren't selling the information, and we give back more than we take.
The survey takes about 10 minutes and in exchange, we send without cost the complete survey results, dozens of relevant graphs, and our early analysis on wine industry conditions. [Last year's survey results].
Note the results this year will be released in early December only to those who participate in the survey. Ready to take the survey? Click on the link below.

Take the Survey


  1. Rob, my real answer to 12 would be "Welcome and appreciated, with active, organized and vocal dissent." Gabriel Froymovich, Hooper 206 Vintners and Vineyard Financial Associates

    1. Gabe - as it relates to the Anti-Winery and Anti-Tourist League, I suppose they could be the dissent, yet according to SSU's survey, most communities do like the business on the whole.

      Its not a response I considered I have to say. You'll have to "answer with the response that most closely matches your feelings."

      Thanks for taking the survey. Please encourage others!


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