Monday, May 27, 2013

Successful Tasting Room Metrics

In our second live video broadcast of the year, we focused on the Tasting Room, Wine Clubs and Direct Sales with a panel of industry experts. The entire broadcast was supported by an extensive survey, with over 500 respondents taking part from across the US. The complete results from the survey were returned to the participants. This broadcast included participants from several countries, but primarily North America. Hopefully you were able to tune into the session live from the Silicon Valley Bank studios and participated in the discussion. If you weren't able, above is the YouTube link to the broadcast.

Please log in and comment for the community at the end of the transcript with any of your perspectives and suggestions for the next live broadcast.

As you will see in the following text, there were numerous requests for the transcript. Since panel questions and responses don't always line up on a timeline, I tried to edit it to match responses and questions. I deleted a few responses that I didn't understand or were repeated, but there is no conspiracy if your post was deleted. If there was a conspiracy, blame the Republicans.

9:37 AM  DannyFay: Does gross compensation per hour include gratuities/wine club commission?
9:38 AM  SVB_Lindsay: DannyFay, Yes it includes all benefits and commission
9:38 AM  Evalen: Would be good to know base vs commission
9:39 AM  SVB_Lindsay: Thanks Evalen, I will take note for next year's survey
9:39 AM  Winegirl: Does that include "work for wine" compensation?
9:40 AM  SVB_Lindsay: Winegirl: No, It does not include the dollar price of wine compensation for employees
9:40 AM  ChrisB: How are TRs keeping an accurate head count of traffic?
9:41 AM  Kaia: We ring in all comps, trade visits, consumers, etc. even if fees are waived. 9:41 AM 
Melissa: We use a $0 guest button and add to all bills
9:42 AM  dobbeswinery: we track wc comps, along with comps based on purchase price
9:41 AM  Paul: Will we have access to a video of this program to replay to our staff?
9:42 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: The replay of the video that everyone will receive in a follow-up email will be expanded.
9:42 AM  John: Does compensation include wages paid to temps or temp agency?
9:44 AM  SVB_Lindsay: John: that wasn't specifically mentioned in the question, so I do not have a firm answer for you. I would say most participants documented average compensation regardless of temp agency fees
9:43 AM  ColbySmith: Off to a good start
Panel: What Kind of employees do you hire?
9:42 AM  Kayla K: Tastings rooms are not  hiring sales people,  you need story tellers, sales people the wine edu will come later
9:43 AM  JTrude: hiring personality is important, selling ability can be taught
9:43 AM  LindySez: JTrude, maybe so, but both together are best...
9:43 AM  ColbySmith: Personality! then Hospitality Training to get the most from our people.
9:44 AM  Evalen: Got to have a great, authentic story to support sales.
9:44 AM  Sara: My best sales people have been real estate agents
9:45 AM  Todd: Stories are great, but they must be authentic and be able to connect with your audience
9:46 AM  ColbySmith: Hospitality training.
9:47 AM  ColbySmith: It's all about HOW people are received and made to feel special.
9:47 AM  Randy: tasting room staff turnover inhibits consistent relationship building
9:48 AM  Greg G: Tasting room turnover wouldn't occur as much if employers would pay proper wages and offer better employee benefits.  Different subject!
9:48 AM  JTrude: turnover is a norm in the valley, standard service training is essential to create the culture you wish to acheive in the TR
9:48 AM  Kayla K: Randy- your right, what can companies do to prevent it being a turnover job
9:48 AM  elgordo: You have to pay tasting room staff what they're worth, and incentivize correctly...
10:02 AM  Kayla K: Lengthy interview process is key as well. Do they fit into your values and share company goals
9:44 AM  Alysha: Can we get a transcript of the questions?
9:44 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: Yes, the transcript of the questions will be sent to everyone in a few days.
Panel: Discussion of integration of software.
9:45 AM  Kayla K: does all of those things he just mentioned
9:45 AM  mbennetti: Wine Web for the little guy does too
9:45 AM  Brian: Brian Baker is speaking the truth
9:45 AM  Wine Pirate: bLoyal has an integrated product that ties the reporting together
9:45 AM  Eric: most people use QuickBooks and tie their POS to that
9:45 AM  Greg G: VinSuite will eventually solve all of this
9:46 AM  Casey: Vin65 will do that too, and integrate with quickbook. operates from an ipad too
9:46 AM  George: bloyal has a lot of holes though
9:46 AM  Lautie83: eCellars almost has it nailed
9:46 AM  Lautie83: it's a great program
9:46 AM  James: Casey, I haven't found a good way to upload sales into QB from Vin65.  Can I contact you sometime to learn how you do it?  Where are you from?
9:47 AM  orpheuswines: we just started using It’s a great winery centric pos,wineclub manager for small-medium sized wineries
9:47 AM  Ryan: Transaction Pro Importer from Vin65 to Quickbooks.
9:47 AM  Greg G: No standard because there are too many different types of tasting room scenarios.
9:48 AM  ScottR: SommeYay has a direct marketing portal to iPhone app, POS, marketing, inventory and member tracking!  Pretty cool!
9:48 AM  Marina: Look how many vendors have been mentioned.  Shows how fractured this still is. No ONE good option.
9:49 AM  JJK: TR / WC / eCommerce are all connected but very different.
9:49 AM  Greg G: Marina, seriously check out what E Winery VinSuite is proposing for the future
9:49 AM  Lautie83: eCellars has a custom club option! it's slick!
9:51 AM  RP: eCellars Software provides custom club without major administrative burden
9:51 AM  Eric: he's right, most  POS software does not dynamic  to the  website
9:51 AM  Jon Bjork: We offer penny shipping to members who add a minimum number of bottles to their normal shipment.
9:52 AM  Greg G: Coming from a previous business, this is the most antiquated business in regard to a complete software package I've ever seen
9:51 AM  ColbySmith: amazing that the software is facilitating the need. Big take-away!
9:54 AM  Michele: Software is the biggest problem and very expensive to change if unhappy.
Panel: Discussion on giving club members choice.
9:48 AM  Spencer: That would be a nightmare to give our customers a choice with 2500 members
9:48 AM  Casey: choice for members is so hard for determining production levels, allocation and can create cust service nightmares
9:49 AM  Nathan: customizing hundreds of shipments is a fulfillment nightmare
9:49 AM  Spencer: That would be a nightmare to give our 2500 WC a choice what they would get
9:49 AM  Casey: especially when you have a large range of wines and price points
9:49 AM  Turley: not nightmare, we do it
9:49 AM  Greg G: We do it too.
9:49 AM  Jon Bjork: All wineries should offer a reds-only club.
9:49 AM  elgordo: I give my 3500 Club a customization option, less than 5% take advantage, but it sets me apart...
9:49 AM  Erin: when the consumers have a choice and pick up from the tasting room they often add wine to their shipments which helps revenue in the tasting room
9:49 AM  Winegirl: We choose but offer the option to trade out for wine of equal or greater value.
9:50 AM  ColbySmith: personal follow up to the Wine Club members enhances longevity and loyalty
9:50 AM  Kayla K: We love our custom club options, 30 notice, if you don’t change your shipment. Club members are so much happier
9:50 AM  asabaird: Offering choice to some is OK but I would say not as a policy. If you do you have a delayed buying program rahter than being a part of the winery and enjoying the adventure
9:50 AM  cellarrat: Are there numbers showing club retention to choice?
9:50 AM  TastingRoomBuzz: Any data for club duration for more frequent deliveries (quarterly, semi-annual)?
9:51 AM  Kaia: We're super small and we offer a choice
9:52 AM  elgordo: This is true, customization allows customers to upsell themselves...
9:52 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: If anyone has a question today please be sure to send us your email address so we can follow-up with you, if we do not get to your question.
9:52 AM  Kayla K: @tressabores- we have 4-5 on a weekend 2 on weekdays and customization is controlled through allocation and putting the responsibility on them
9:52 AM  AViader: We manually do that. When one WC members says we like X and not Y...we accomodate them. It is time consuming though...
9:52 AM  Brian: choice between white and red?
9:52 AM  Sofia Horvath: Kaia -- probably easier for (us) smaller wineries to offer choice. Logistically speaking.
9:52 AM  SVB_Lindsay: cellarrat: there is a slide in the overview slide deck that addresses club retention based on choice clubs
9:52 AM  Wine Pirate: Is the choice red or white or different wines from the selection available at the winery
9:52 AM  ParadiseRidge: more shipments means more visits to the tasting room
9:53 AM  Sara: Randy, not many. Turnover rate is not what i thought it would be in tasting rooms. We start our TR at $12 plus club incentive
9:53 AM  Randy: turnover the biggest problem in tasting rooms
9:53 AM  Greg G: LOL, shows what we are really interested in
9:57 AM  RachelatSullivan: We have a choice club that allows members to choose each wine in their shipment, giving alomost full authority over which wines are included.
9:49 AM  BusteroftheDesert: How can an independent wine tasting room, not owned by any winery, start a wine club?
9:51 AM  WineClubsOnline: @BusteroftheDesert. I can show you how.
Panel: Discussion of data telesales and personal contact.
9:53 AM  Kayla K: It's worth it to add those little touches!
9:53 AM  Jon Bjork: Telesales with VIP customers has been profitable and worth it for us.
9:53 AM  Sara: we send a welcome card to all of our new club members. The TR attendant who signs them up has to write them
9:53 AM  asabaird: Colby you are right. As Peter Drucker said "the goal of every business it to create a satisfied customer" keeping in mind the difficulty doing it but always run it through that filter
9:54 AM  Afreveletti: telephone and hand written note is vital
9:54 AM  Kayla K: Thank You Economy By: Gary Vaynerchuck
9:54 AM  timnord: Brian Baker is making a key point here - high touch = retention no matter the costs
9:54 AM  Greg G: Yes, Brian is right, retention is the key
9:55 AM  Brian: who should write the notes?  temp employees?
9:55 AM  Vin65 team: AND using preference based marketing tools create more meaningful conversations
9:55 AM  Evalen: Need a fully integrated system - affordable but follows customer info across all POS
9:55 AM  Kayla K: Your write notes to the people who buy 5+ cases a year outside their wine club membership
9:55 AM  Michele: We have the TR staff who "sold" the club write a thank you to the guest.  People love it.
9:55 AM  Kayla K: Write notes to your top 10 best buyers
9:56 AM  Tiffany: We're a small winery, but we have owners writing thank you notes. Everyone should be involved.
9:56 AM  Greg G: Send them a amg of your best wine
9:56 AM  Tres Sabores: is there a way to pull a software survey based on winery size? Software for a 3,500 vs a 500,000 would be very different
9:56 AM  AViader: Personal phone calls and notes go a long way
9:56 AM  Evalen: And TR - Wine Club people should be the same/seamless
9:56 AM  Brian: wine club fatigue is real
9:56 AM  Tiffany: We do send wine for our top buyers, but I think people need to realize you don't have to give things away to keep customers engaged. "Thank you's" go a long way!
9:56 AM  Jen: We write notes to members who make sizeable purchases to thank them for visiting. Also we recognize birthdays, anniversaries etc...
9:57 AM  Greg G: Wine with a thank you note
9:54 AM  Greg G: SVB, please use all these comments about software to spur on another survey
9:54 AM  Marina: I would love a software survey.  I have done an informal one for my own use among my winery friends.
9:55 AM  Kayla K: Ohh... software survey.
9:55 AM  SVB_Lindsay: @GregG: We will definitely take note. Thanks!
9:50 AM  Kayla K: Why are there no tasting room mangers on this panel?
9:53 AM  elgordo: b/c these aren't TR people!
9:54 AM  LindySez: Brian has run tasting rooms and worked with them for years...
9:54 AM  Greg G: don't let them quit!
9:55 AM  WineClubsOnline: We have interviewed current and prospective Wine Club members around the country. It pretty much nails what they like and don't like.
9:55 AM  BusteroftheDesert: Is this going to be all about wine clubs?
9:56 AM  winemaps:
9:56 AM  mbrown4931: Are the Tasting Room results include Wine Club activity plus Retail visitors?
9:56 AM  DannyFay: This is so much better than driving an hour to Santa Rosa and sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a stuffy auditorium
9:56 AM  DannyFay: thank you SVB!
Panel: Note that a survey reported the #1 reason people left a club was “Didn’t like the wine.”
9:57 AM  Eric: We never get quits for "didn't like the wine"
9:57 AM  ScottR: SommeYay engages your club members through its app from information YOU put in our portal!  Stay connected after they leave the tasting room!
9:57 AM  AViader: "cellar full" is our #1 reason
9:57 AM  Eric: it's usually "can't afford"
Panel: Noted the average retention is a little over 2 years which for an annual shipment program is horrible results. 
9:57 AM  Nellie: I'm still stuck on 28 month ave retention
9:57 AM  Cante: full cellar #1
9:57 AM  PinotGrower: they liked the wine at sign up because they were drunk in the tasting room.  How many industries have that luxury? :-)
9:57 AM  AViader: they usually sign up again in 6 months
9:57 AM  EconErf: They can get wines that are not available elsewhere.
9:57 AM  Brian: customers like you eat at the same restaurant everyday
9:57 AM  Tsweeney: how many shipments do you allow members to skip yet stay "active"
9:58 AM  Wine Pirate: If they leave the club do you bother to contact them again in 30, 60, or 90 days to ask them to come back possibly with a special offer
9:58 AM  Randy: winemakers need to be more present during peak wine tasting hours
9:58 AM  BusteroftheDesert: Tourist mentality changes when they get home. They become a different consumer. These guys are correct. Finding the same bottle of wine cheaper causes retention.
9:58 AM  DannyFay: what is the average bottles thru wine club shipments per year per wine club member
9:58 AM  SVB_Lindsay: @DannyFay: That was not addressed in the survey, but I will take note. Thanks!
9:58 AM  JJK: TR create experiences that WC struggle to replicate
9:58 AM  Michele: People sign up to get free tasting on day of visit and % off.  Then cancel once 1st shipment arrives 'cause they didn't really want the club...just the freebies.
9:58 AM  Vin65 team: Sending event invitations to top members and customers builds brand loyalty
9:58 AM  Afreveletti: The experience is key
9:58 AM  Eric: we don’t allow quitting before 4 shipments
9:59 AM  Kayla K: If you grow your own grapes, you can go to farmers markets
9:59 AM  Julie: How many tasting rooms charge wine club members for tastings when they visit?
9:59 AM  Jon Bjork: So what do you do if they quit before the minimum number of shipments?
9:59 AM  WINESofWA: Ali:  Sustained event marketing
9:59 AM  Rutherford Team: Wine Clubs have become the new "Get the discount with credit card signup" so many more tend to drop out once they get the big savings...
9:59 AM  AViader: @ how much $ for 4 shipments?
9:59 AM  Afreveletti: personal touch is very important
9:59 AM  Jen: The top 10 members are also invited to dine at our home with our family.
10:00 AM  Afreveletti: My customers are my friends first
10:00 AM  Nathan: waived tasting fees for a club member is no big benefit or way to differentiate
10:00 AM  Greg G: low is about 600
10:00 AM  Eric: our WC agreement has a policy of charging back the discounts if they quite before 4 shipments
10:00 AM  Tres Sabores: Eric do you charge the discount and tasting  fees if an early drop happens?
10:00 AM  Kayla K: People don't stick around because there are so many wineries in CA
10:01 AM  Ali: @WinesofWA - I think you're right. Events seem like a great way to get new customers in the door. Any other ideas?
10:01 AM  Eric: we don’t claw back the tasting fees
10:01 AM  anabawines: we charge the discount back if they don't stick thru the contracted time
10:01 AM  Kayla K: Turnover can be prevents by hiring BRAND CHAMPIONS!
10:01 AM  Spencer: We do discounts to all of our events and we do a lot events
10:01 AM  winemaps: How do wine travelers discover your winery?
10:01 AM  Kaia: hotels mostly
Panel: Tasting Room comp
10:02 AM  Brian: Does a tasting room wage pay for cost of living in Napa Valley?
10:02 AM  Kaia: no
10:02 AM  Nathan: no
10:02 AM  JT: no
10:02 AM  Mike A: No
10:02 AM  ScottR: no
10:02 AM  Nellie: Nope
10:02 AM  Brian: lol
10:02 AM  elgordo: It can!
10:02 AM  JJK: @Brian not usually
10:02 AM  Tres Sabores: not really
10:02 AM  Randy: what does 'can you sell' mean?
10:02 AM  Spencer: The same issue for Mendocino
10:02 AM  dobbeswinery: does it anywhere?
10:02 AM  Nellie: Like 4 interviews
10:02 AM  WineClubsOnline: @winemaps Through marketing outside your tasting room which is our focus.
10:02 AM  Mike A: Very few can, unless there is an awesome commission structure.
10:02 AM  Kaia: perhaps if there were more commissions and incentives for sales and sign-ups
10:03 AM  LindySez: some people cannot "ask" for the business...if you can't you can't sell
10:03 AM  Casey: can the panel touch on livable wages for TR staff and using sales incentives/commissions to do that?
10:03 AM  elgordo: If you want to stop turnover, you have to compensate appropriately...
10:03 AM  ScottR: Great point LindySez
10:03 AM  WINESofWA: Ali:  Many - @WINESofWA
10:03 AM  Jen: Our family remains the core "face" of our business so no matter who leaves, the brand stays with us. Also, we hire more people we need so we can offer flexibility to part-time TR staff = low turn over
10:03 AM  Kayla K: TY- Brian Baker for taking my question.
10:03 AM  Brian: we work for wine?
10:04 AM  Eric: discounts are just part, we give a lot of wine to our people
10:04 AM  Kaia: Wine doesn't pay the bills
10:04 AM  George: I assume current slide is based on FTE's only?
Panel: Only 90% of Wineries give discounts for employees. The 10% that don’t are crazy.
10:04 AM  Kayla K: I never have enough time to taste our 24+ wines. I wish I could go home with a wine every wine to taste
10:04 AM  Randy: most salespeople are cheesy, if you act like a salesperson you great treated like a salesperson.......
10:04 AM  Kayla K: Mondavi's sounds like a great model
10:04 AM  APCharlie: When I'm tasting I don't want to feel like someone is trying to push a sale on me. It's a thin line, no?
10:05 AM  Marina: I know of a winery in St. Helena that used to not give discounts.  I hope they do now, but I know for a time they did not.
10:05 AM  ScottR: Staff needs to identify core clients and engage those people = increased sales, word of mouth
10:05 AM  Kayla K: Tasting room associates sell wine they are in love with
10:05 AM  anabawines: we give staff 2 bottles of each wine at release
10:05 AM  TomGortonNVPOS: randy: can't disagree more. Yes there are cheesy sales people, but those aren't the good ones
10:05 AM  Afreveletti: your on the clock 24/7
10:05 AM  Nellie: agree
10:05 AM  Crickett: Mondavi would give us a case per quarter; I would take a bottle to each of my favorite restaurants and share it with the owner/bar manager
10:05 AM  Rutherford Team: It’s a tool - like too many consultants are...
10:05 AM  anabawines: good sales people help fill a need
10:05 AM  elgordo: Hospitality without sales is a waste of time.  The key is to be good at both...
10:05 AM  Kayla K: We can stop beating the proverbial social media horse. We get it.
10:05 AM  Carrie: Social media advances a brand
10:05 AM  Brian: Mondavi employee buy Corona with their allotment $
10:05 AM  Erin: social media will get people to your tasting room, but then your staff has to sell the wine
10:06 AM  ScottR: Good sales people ASK questions
10:06 AM  Kayla K: Social media ENGAGES the people who already buy your wine.
10:06 AM  anabawines: yes ScottR
10:06 AM  Rutherford Team: Social Media is best at selling top level management discussions.
10:06 AM  elgordo: Correct Kayla!
10:06 AM  Kayla K: marketing puts so much $$ in bring in in new customers, we need to focus on keeping the ones we have.
10:06 AM  TastingRoomBuzz: social media can be effective in moving people to your shopping cart
10:06 AM  WineClubsOnline: Being a good salesperson requires a special technique. I have been training in many industries for years on this. Great salespeople can be created.
10:06 AM  Evalen: Industry needs to invest in professionalizing tasting rooms - tools and people
10:06 AM  SVB_Lindsay: At the Napa Valley Vintner's Luxury Marketing Seminar, it was noted that a good sales person gets the client talking about the brand, not the other way around.
10:06 AM  Mike A: Social media = brand awareness as long as you get it right. Totally 2nd Ahin's statement.
10:06 AM  LindySez: exactly Lindsay!
10:07 AM  ScottR: Social media is great but can be to broad - need focused, targeting social media
10:07 AM  Kayla K: He's so right
10:07 AM  ChateauDPTwines: We love social media, absolutely agree it's a customer service channel. Have made so many great connections on social
10:07 AM  AViader: I agree Lindsay
10:07 AM  elgordo: Yup
10:07 AM  TastingRoomBuzz: Right, Scott
10:07 AM  WineClubsOnline: True Mike, but very important to have a great brand.
10:07 AM  Evalen: Also, Tasting rooms need sales and marketing plans and support
10:07 AM  ScottR: Or do it through a mobile app Kelly!
10:07 AM  Carl G: SVB Folks - can you make this transcript available?
10:08 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: @Brent, a follow-up email with the replay will be sent to you in a day or two.
10:07 AM  Spencer: With Facebook's new Gifting Service, the two markets do intersect. It does well for us!
10:08 AM  DannyFay: More important for a winery: Twitter or Facebook?
10:08 AM  Kayla K: Social Media get people to the shopping cart
10:08 AM  JJK: nice calling staff "resources"
10:08 AM  JT: Twitter
10:08 AM  ChateauDPTwines: We like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
10:08 AM  anabawines: Facebook
10:08 AM  ChateauDPTwines: and blogging obviously...
8 AM  ChateauDPTwines: We like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
10:08 AM  elgordo: Don't forget Cellar Tracker!
10:08 AM  Sofia Horvath: facebook=customer connections, twitter=industry connections (typically)
10:09 AM  JJK: again, what does this have to do with running a TR?
Editor note: The survey was about tasting room, wine club and direct. I note the title of the event was “successful tasting room.” Perhaps not a full description of the event. Sorry for any confusion.
10:09 AM  winemaps: Use social tools to manage your social wine channels.  @vintank a great resource!
10:09 AM  Kaia: I agree, let's get back to TR
10:09 AM  elgordo: Social can drive come Tr traffic
10:09 AM  Kayla K: Brian Baker- Do you thank the people who wrote positive reviews? As well as the negative reviews
10:09 AM  ShaunMcD: Great protocol by Ch. Monty!
10:09 AM  anabawines: Twitter better for journalists
10:09 AM  JT: People who come to our tasting room Tweet immediately, Check in with FB and post their pix on Instagram.
10:09 AM  JJK: lots of things can drive a TR but let’s talk about running a TR
10:09 AM  Kayla K: Paul Maybry is awesome. Love Vintank
10:10 AM  elgordo: Everyone should be on Vintank's free social monitoring service.  If you're not, DO IT NOW!
10:10 AM  Mike A: elgordo speaks the truth.
10:10 AM  DannyFay: @JT what winery are you with?
10:10 AM  Todd: How much attention should we be paying to Yelp/Trip Advisor reviews?
10:10 AM  asabaird: Love the VinTank service and Paul
10:10 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: If anyone has a question today please be sure to send us your email address so we can follow-up
10:10 AM  Jen: Can’t stand YELP
10:10 AM  JT: Rocca Family Vineyards
10:11 AM  ChateauDPTwines: TripAdvisor is key in France. Yelp not developed here at all
10:11 AM  Tres Sabores: Our Yelpers are not buyers
10:11 AM  Todd: Agrred Tres
10:11 AM  elgordo: Todd- Always interact with Yelp and TA, these people have influence over future visitors
10:11 AM  ChateauDPTwines: Foursquare is also important too
10:11 AM  Tsweeney: Same problem with Yelpers - not our demographic but we still work hard for good reviews so prevent blowback.
10:12 AM  Todd: Do you offer any 2 for 1 tastings for check-ins on yelp/four sqaure?  What’s the benefit?
10:12 AM  Taste: avid Yelp users know how to filter through the BS and whiners
10:12 AM  Tres Sabores: Same here Tsweeney
10:12 AM  Sara: not sure if I have to request it but just in case, I would like the transcript/video as well.
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10:18 AM  VinoVisitTeam: Transcript please - - Thank you!
10:18 AM  smileyneil: can you send the chat as well to
10:18 AM  Raf: transcript to too please!
10:18 AM  ColbySmith: I'd love to get a copy of this chat stream. I know I must be missing some good posts.
10:19 AM  jenmsmith: please send slides and transcrip to
10:19 AM  mark: slides and transcripts to
10:20 AM  annak: slides and transcripts to
10:25 AM  Jimacct: send me a video choppy transmission as well
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10:12 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: Video replays and the slide deck will be sent to everyone who registered in a follow-up email in a day or two.
10:12 AM  DannyFay: What are Brian's 5 tasting room metrics?
10:12 AM  George: contact me and I'll be happy to share.
10:12 AM  Tsweeney: twitter gets us the most buzz and press and Facebook seems to be where our current customers like to go to see what's happening at the Winery
10:12 AM  Jon Bjork: We could do KPI, topping and FB all at the same time
10:13 AM  Kayla K: I don't think enough is done on retention. That’s about 50% of why I haven’t signed up for a wine club yet
10:13 AM  ColbySmith: Curious. What are the stats for longevity of employees?
10:14 AM  Pietro: 2001 Franciscan Napa is peaking, and I’m not kidding
10:14 AM  Nathan: emails can be dangerous as it reminds them you're there and they often cxl
10:14 AM  Kayla K: Very few of the wines I buy. Those wine brands don't engage me first ever.
10:14 AM  SVB_Lindsay: @ColbySmith: I'll take note for next year's survey on employee turnover
10:14 AM  Pietro: sorry Franciscan
10:14 AM  Jon Bjork: Nathan, the whole point of the wine club is to remind them you're still there.
10:15 AM  ColbySmith: CANVAS is engaged with Sonoma State. We've provided a Hospitality scholarship.
10:15 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: Transcripts of the chat panel will be available
10:15 AM  Kayla K: You can ! You need to send out scholarship first! lol young people want to be a part of this industry the WI just doesn’t really recruit from there
10:16 AM  Kaia: We don't want hugs
10:16 AM  Karen: i think they have our emails already- that's how you were notified of the link for today.
10:16 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: We will be sure to send follow-up emails to all.
10:16 AM  Carrie: what was the name of the FB page just mentioned??
10:16 AM  Steve: would like transcript with PP slides.
10:16 AM  elgordo: Cameron hughes
10:16 AM  Carrie: thnx
10:17 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: If you are registered we have your email address to send follow-up emails to you, but if you have a specific question during the presentation please send your email address.
10:17 AM  elgordo: Umm I disagree, if you're on SM you better respond to everything!
10:18 AM  crushbro: wine clubs must contain hidden perks
10:18 AM  Brian: 4 wines isn't exactly Zappos
10:18 AM  Kaia: ? We all have different demographics, how do we get the right buyer for our price point in our TR?
10:18 AM  SVB_Lindsay: Don't forget to participate in the survey next year if you missed it this year! More participants=better data for the industry. Only survey participants get the full set of information and slides.
10:18 AM  Brian: how do we make more choice?
10:18 AM  jenmsmith: yelp is so expensive how do you feel about paying for it?
10:18 AM  Kayla K: Brian Baker- Customers are definitely overwhelmed by long wine lists
10:18 AM  ChateauDPTwines: only three of us are tweeting?
10:18 AM  elgordo: Brain- Create multiple experiences
10:19 AM  Rich: Please send slides
10:19 AM  Jen: We have 2 - 3 greeters. The first greets upon arrival, the second as you enter tasting room and the third on the floor to assist
10:19 AM  Kayla K: Brian Baker- It would be great if that greeter was also handed a glass with a  taste in it so take with them while they're touring the grounds
10:19 AM  ColbySmith: I hear direct feedback and not enough greet!
10:19 AM  Kayla K: Brian baker- Self guided tours
10:20 AM  crushbro: every so often good idea to have principles in the tasting room
10:20 AM  Kaia: We do greet all guests and with a splash of Chardonnay - people love it.
10:20 AM  Kayla K: Our winery's goal is greet every person who comes in
10:20 AM  Brian: I would like to see a survey of secret shoppers aggregated
10:20 AM  ColbySmith: Which winery are you kayla?
10:20 AM  crushbro: always good idea to canvas the customer
10:20 AM  Kayla K: Our winery's goal is greet every person who comes in
10:20 AM  Brian: I would like to see a survey of secret shoppers aggregated
10:20 AM  Susie: having the winemaker cruise though periodically is a sure winner for us.
10:20 AM  Jen: How many wines are most tasting rooms pouring for customers?
10:20 AM  jenmsmith: how do you feel about paying for yelp, it's so expensive
10:20 AM  Kaia: We taste 5 wines
10:21 AM  Sara: 5 wines for us Jen
10:21 AM  Spencer: We give them four choices out or 20
10:21 AM  elgordo: Don't pay for yelp
10:21 AM  Kayla K: Brian Baker- Helping customers intimately to help them find what they need with increase their sale.
10:21 AM  Melissa: We taste 4 wines and waive our tasting fee with a 2 bottle purchase
10:21 AM  Erin: We taste 8.  If the guests purchase a case they get a discount and free tastings.
10:21 AM  Winegirl: We pour 7, then have a special pouring for Wine Club Members only.
10:21 AM  Nellie: 5 for us
10:21 AM  Jen: 8 for me now but going to 6 wines (selling more with a lower number, we use to pour 10)
10:21 AM  Shonda: we taste 5 wines.
10:21 AM  Kayla K: We do (6) 1/2 oz pours to taste more variety
10:21 AM  Matthew Regan: VGS Chateau Potelle pours 4 wines plus one surprise
10:22 AM  Pietro: we only ask for 3 average when visiting
10:21 AM  Todd: 7 and 8 pours/guest seems very high, how many ounces
10:22 AM  Kaia: We pour approx. 2 oz of each wine.
10:21 AM  John: Are tasting rooms a revenue source or marketing expense?
10:21 AM  Tres Sabores: what is the $ amount to spend to give back the fee? Also what are the mark-ups on the wines?
10:21 AM  crushbro: One photo for a customer with the winemaker is endless marketing
10:21 AM  Nellie: John, good Q
10:21 AM  Melissa: We rotate the wines we pour to make a different experience for our guests who visit multiple times throughout a season
10:21 AM  Don: We give them the glass, how to reimburse fee
10:21 AM  WINESofWA: Ali:  Which winery are you with?
10:21 AM  Steve: What are general tasting room views of busloads of people descending on a tasting room?  The motivation of these people may be to drink only and not buy.
10:22 AM  Melissa: Steve - our region on Long Island has a lot of trouble with busses and limos
10:22 AM  Sara: sw2013- depends on the day. Busy holiday/festival weekends, we take them up front
10:21 AM  anabawines: we reimburse with $50 purchase
10:21 AM  WINESofWA: Ali:  Which winery are you with?
10:22 AM  Todd: What should the average pour size per taste be?
10:22 AM  SW2013: do you collect tasting fee up front or just comp when the purchase?
10:22 AM  Susie: we waive with a 2 bottle purchase, comp industry and cellar club members
10:22 AM  JJK: a fee establishes value and of course that value continues as you wave or refund it. No one is in business to sell tasting fees
10:22 AM  ParadiseRidge: 1 ounce
10:22 AM  MelissaMiller: we pour four 2 oz tastes and comp one tasting with every 6 bottle purchase
10:22 AM  Tres Sabores: 1 oz, legal limit
10:23 AM  Sara: 3/4 ounce for us
10:22 AM  Nellie: What's the threshold for fee re-imbursement?
10:22 AM  Jen: we collect fees upfront
10:22 AM  Spencer: We reimburse with a two bottle purchase. Conversion to buy is yearly around 82%
10:22 AM  Todd: What is the average tasting room fee?
10:22 AM  Taste: what is the average size of a taste?
10:22 AM  Rutherford Team: Pandering...
10:22 AM  Kaia: We only waive fees for club sign-ups.
10:22 AM  Kayla K: Not always the wines- I've joined a WC because the price was great and the winery had ton of options. Too Good winery
10:22 AM  crushbro: what happens if the wine received is corked? flawed? is wine replaced?
10:23 AM  Tres Sabores: we replace coreked or flawed
10:23 AM  Kayla K: Oh I like that question.
10:23 AM  Tiffany: Always replace corked wines!
10:23 AM  Kaia: We replace any corked wines.
10:23 AM  Jen: @crushbro - We will replace the wine without question. Easy and low cost way to keep a customer happy
10:23 AM  Sara: we replace
10:23 AM  el jefe: 100% replace, no questions asked
10:23 AM  JCT: having business owners being present in the tasting room, when possible, is a powerful tool to boost conversions and engagement. How many wineries are leveraging this as a tool?
10:23 AM  Todd: tkerlin@hallwines
10:23 AM  MICAHXIII: i agree JCT!
10:23 AM  KTsims: Thanks, George.
10:23 AM  Kayla K: @ George- Your tasting room host Patrick is awesome
10:23 AM  George: :) nice to know!
10:23 AM  John: If TR is a revenue source, then you are forced to pay low wages. If a marketing expense, then you can justify more pay for better customer service.
10:24 AM  FirstCrush: Any opinions on giving away tasting glasses?  I know often times, once the wine I purchased is gone, I see a branded wine glass in my cupboard from a winery and its like "Oh I remember them?"
10:24 AM  Kaia: I agree John.
10:24 AM  Taste: our regional tasting room is revenue for us but marketing for the wineries we represent
10:24 AM  Susie: we replace too  Some customers try to take advantage but you can usually spot them.
10:24 AM  Rutherford Team: Comcast is also a Revenue builder...  They’re the best at it.  So what would that mean for a winery over time?
10:25 AM  SVB_Lindsay: @John: If you pay greater compensation to employees-hopefully sales will increase and the TR will remain a revenue source
10:25 AM  Winegirl: Does anyone do things differently (like non-refundable tasting fees) for groups over 10 and/or limo groups?
10:25 AM  Jen: We do not currently give the glass but considering it. The glasses get taken anyway...we lose thousands every year.
10:25 AM  elgordo: TR shouldn't be a standalone channel, there's too much crossover between TR, Clbu and eComm.  Payroll in TR helps boost sales across all channels.
10:25 AM  Wine Pirate: +They can only get away with the corked reason once or possibly twice
10:25 AM  winemaps: Which wineries offer a full hospitality experience around their wine with overnight stays?
10:25 AM  Susie: We no longer include glass with tasting fee.  Didn't seem to make a difference in tastings but sure did in profits.  I don't like being in the glass sales business.
10:25 AM  Kaia: We don't refund any tasting fees and especially not with larger groups.
10:26 AM  Evalen: Most bus tours are tourists not buyers
10:26 AM  TR: How do other tasting rooms handle groups?
10:26 AM  Jen: Kaia - We do not refund fees either. They pay for the experience. Groups are charged more actually
10:26 AM  crushbro: If the tasting room is a marketing tool, how do you make sure the story is correct? or presented right?
10:26 AM  Tres Sabores: Yes no large group comps! Charge in advance at full guest count
10:26 AM  Sara: winegirl- yes we charge that nonrefundable fee because they are paying for the space as we set them up away from the tasting room bar and assign a tr attendant to them. They are paying a site fee
10:26 AM  John: Linsdey: Then why so many wineries require permanent part time no benefits for TR staff?
10:26 AM  elgordo: cruchbro, training
10:26 AM  elgordo: lol
10:26 AM  elgordo: John-
10:26 AM  Taste: this webinar is great - please do more
10:27 AM  ColbySmith: Value for determining customer is vetting by the Concierges and Drivers AND referrals from other wineries. Immediate experience knowledge.
10:27 AM  elgordo: They're wrong
10:27 AM  MarkL: Please alse send link to today's presentation.  I was disconnected for about 5 minutes.  Also, would like sharing the vid with the owners
10:27 AM  BusteroftheDesert: I wonder if I have the only tasting room not affiliated with any one winery?
10:27 AM  Sara: taste- I agree!!
10:27 AM  Casey: video and trans to
10:27 AM  Casey: thanks
10:27 AM  Linda: How do you promote phone sales?
10:27 AM  SVB_Lindsay: @John: Good question! Perhaps these wineries are too small to employ full time TR staff with full benefits?
10:27 AM  Susie: Some of our best tr staff is part time....they're mostly there for the wine discounts!
10:27 AM  Taste: the side bar by everyone is also great
10:27 AM  crushbro: training is important but does this involve hands on training? walking thru the vineyard?  participating in crush experience?
10:27 AM  Alysha: @Busterofthedesert We are working on opening one. Would love to chat
10:27 AM  Pietro: blood and wine?
10:27 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: The video replay, slide deck and transcript of the questions will be sent to all registrants in a follow-up email in a day or two.
10:28 AM  Katie: @taste very much agree. Would love to see more!
10:28 AM  ChrisB: great
10:28 AM  Wine Pirate: Thanks Kelly
10:28 AM  LindySez: crushbro, whatever it takes to get them to understand your story.
10:28 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: #svbwine
10:28 AM  Susie: im sure it was great with audio.  Can't wait to HEAR it.
10:28 AM  ChrisB: Lock the doors?
10:28 AM  Taste: there's obviously a need for more of these types of presentations
10:28 AM  ChrisB: :)
10:29 AM  crushbro: so being at the crush site occurs?
10:29 AM  jeangray: Brilliant idea, Chris!
10:29 AM  Dan: movie stars are cheap! so true
10:29 AM  Jen: We greet busses in our circular drive, assess their "state" (drunk = stay on bus and no service), then explain what they can expect and user them to a private area so they do not inetrupt otehrs
10:29 AM  Kaia: We only take large groups that are sent to us from our handful of hotel/dmc partners.  They are already pre-qualified but of course, no guarantee.
10:29 AM  Jen: (usher)
10:29 AM  Sofia Horvath: Seems like some good topics for a #twitterparty...
10:30 AM  ColbySmith: Right on Kaia, colleague vetting.
10:30 AM  Kayla K: I love twitter parties!
10:30 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: #svbwine
10:30 AM  Melissa: We require groups to fill out a reservation form, pick a tasting package, and provide a credit card
10:30 AM  Kaia: Thank you Colby.
10:30 AM  Jen: Our groups that come by reservation are send a copy of our policies so there are hopefully no issues when they arrive. It has helped stop the problems
10:30 AM  Thomas_Crouch: VinNOW supports database segmentation and offers CRM functionality for internal telesales
10:30 AM  Sofia Horvath: Good to know, Jen. Sounds reasonable.
10:30 AM  Kaia: How many of you "compensate" your favorite hotel concierges and drivers and if so, how often?
10:31 AM  Susie: we have a love / hate relationship with groups....some are fantastic and interested in the wines....many are bachelorette parties just getting loaded.  We accommodate both.
10:31 AM  Dan: anything for tasting room/pos that works with QB online/Salesforce CRM?
10:31 AM  crushbro: you tube is an exciting tool for the tasting room..tasting experience, etc..
10:31 AM  Jen: Kaia - We invite them to experience our winery but never compensate with $, just experience.
10:31 AM  ColbySmith: Bringing in Event & Corporate meeting planners at Trade Show June 18. Do you think events lead to more direct business?
10:31 AM  Acquiesce: what is a good way to compensate the neighboring winery that sends lots our way?
10:31 AM  Michele: We try and do a hospitality party with hotel front desk and servers every year.  Also offer free tastings to servers.
10:31 AM  crushbro: yes
10:31 AM  ScottR: SommeYay -  Direct engagement from winery to club members on their mobile device!  Sell wine on the app (POS), join clubs, respond to events - engage after they leave the tasting room
10:31 AM  Afreveletti: I do 40% of my sales by telephone
10:31 AM  cindy: bloyal integrates with quickbooks
10:32 AM  crushbro: telephone is old fashion
Thank you’s
10:31 AM  ChrisB: Thank you
10:31 AM  Jon Bjork: Great job again, SVB/WBM!
10:31 AM  SVB_Lindsay: We are running out of time, but will address all remaining questions via email.
10:31 AM  Acquiesce: Thanks, SVB
10:31 AM  asabaird: Thanks for a great conversation
10:32 AM  JCT: Great questions ColbySmith! would be curious to hear answers.
10:32 AM  SVB_Lindsay: Thanks for your participation everyone!
10:32 AM  DannyFay: That was awesome! Thanks
10:32 AM  Marina: Thanks SVB!
10:32 AM  APCharlie: Thank you!
10:32 AM  Casey: Thanks so much! Need more of these!
10:32 AM  ScottR: Great presentation - Thanks!
10:32 AM  Erin: Really great insight.  Thank you.  Please offer more discussions!
10:32 AM  januarythcw: Thank you!
10:32 AM  Deborah Brenner: Thank you!!
10:32 AM  timnord: super valuable use of time, thanks SVB!
10:32 AM  ColbySmith: Again, hope we can get the chat feed, too.
10:32 AM  LHolley: AWESOME!! Thank You All
10:32 AM  elgordo: Wrong cruchbro!
10:32 AM  Kelly Kel SVB: Thank you everyone!
10:32 AM  TR: thank you SVB
10:32 AM  Scott: Thanks much!!
10:32 AM  TastingRoomBuzz: Thank you for wonderful presentation. Happy to continue conversation on Twitter at @tastingroombuzz
10:32 AM  Todd: This was great, thank you!!
10:32 AM  pattersd1: Thnak you!
10:32 AM  juliana: thank for the great presentation. I have a lot of interesting take aways.
10:32 AM  Crickett: Thanks so much!
10:32 AM  Heather: Can i get the video?
10:32 AM  Pietro: Ciao! Amo Foss Vly
10:32 AM  Kaia: Thanks for putting it together.  Next time let’s have a panel member or two that's actually working in the TR/hospitality positions.
10:32 AM  Kayla K: Yes thank you!
10:32 AM  Jen: Thanks! Great presentation and discussion!
10:32 AM  Rich: Excellent - seminar!
10:32 AM  LHolley: Transcript
10:32 AM  Dan: thank you!
10:32 AM  Katie: Thank you from Arrowood Winery in Sonoma!
10:32 AM  elgordo: Well done!
10:32 AM  ShaunMcD: Fantastic. Let’s do it again.
10:32 AM  Kat: really enjoyed this.  thanks
10:32 AM  Crickett: More of these events please!
10:32 AM  Sofia Horvath: Thanks! Good discussion!
10:32 AM  ColbySmith: Quality presentation thank you.
10:32 AM  PinotGrower: Great conversation, many thanks to WBM and SVB, plus all the panelists!  Really useful.
10:32 AM  dobbeswinery: great webinar filled with very interesting facts and numbers
10:32 AM  RachelatSullivan: Thank you! Much appreciated.
10:32 AM  Kaia: Great seminar. Thank you.
10:32 AM  jill: will this stream be available?
10:32 AM  LindySez: bye all...
10:32 AM  Sara: Thank you! Glad I could be here today!
10:32 AM  Ivy: thanks!
10:32 AM  jenmsmith: thank you!
10:32 AM  ChrisB: Kayla K - Heringer
10:32 AM  Susie: agree with need a tasting room worker in there.
10:32 AM  Sue: THank you ... very well done and appreciated
10:32 AM  Lauren: Lauren Barnes says Cheers and thanks!
10:32 AM  Spiotti: Nice job!!
10:32 AM  Kayla K: Great panel. Fascinating to hear from Brian Baker
10:33 AM  Taste: we need a winery chat room
10:33 AM  wjcollins: Very informative.  Thank you.
10:33 AM  Kayla K: @chrisB- who are you !
10:33 AM  EconErf: Will the chat also be available, if so please send. Thanks, Steve at Dickinson.
10:33 AM  Sue: agree with winery chat room...
10:33 AM  Fayette: Well done, thank you!
10:33 AM  winemaps: Thank You!  from
10:33 AM  WineClubsOnline: Have a great day everybody!
10:33 AM  Linda: Chat topics should be more integrated into presentation, in the future.
10:33 AM  Jen: Cheers from Breaux Vineyards in VA!
10:33 AM  barbarapl: Thank you - wish it was longer! Barbara
10:33 AM  winemaker: Thanks for event - and Good point, Colby, about chat notes, too.  :)
10:34 AM  Kayla K: @ChrisB- How were you able to find that out so fast? Props on the expert level speed stalking
10:34 AM  WINESofWA: Drink Wine & Learn Something, It's Like College All Over Again!
10:35 AM  winemaker: Hope the study slide data will have break out info by region and case sales size. Thanks!
10:35 AM  Ali: @Wines0fWa - good one! 


  1. How do outlets such as Boisset Wine Living at Home and Wine Shop at home fit into the mix?

  2. Thank you, I appreciate the positive feedback. Good luck to each of you in the transportation business.

  3. Actually, we are a new winery and have been looking at the and would like some more feedback from some wineries that are currently using it!


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