Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anti-Winery Sentiment is Building


The Winter of Our Public Discontent

John Steinbeck
Consistent with the farming traditions of the past, the wine business has long been known for its collegial, collaborative and giving ways. There are always exceptions but people in the wine business historically have worked together for the common good of all.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Much Do Wineries Really Make?

Our most popular post is brought current with the most recent 2013 CPA prepared and SVB agglomerated financial information. The question at hand is: "How much do wineries really make?
The answer of course is ......(drum roll please ....) Not enough. Finding the facts are almost as hard as chasing unicorns in this business because the wine business is private and they don't publicize their financial statements. Its a family owned industry with even the largest; Gallo a family owned company. But it's really quite amazing from the perspective of what is shared between neighbors in the wine business. There isn't the sense that your neighbor is a rival or competitor. Its more of a club feel in many ways. If you need something, its quite normal to check in with your neighbor. Need a tractor because yours went kaput? No problemo. Need a little welding and custom fabrication on a pump? I'll be right over with a welding rig.
Of course there is also a competitive side that abounds in the business as well. But when it comes to sharing financial information, metrics, and customer lists, good luck! Ask a winemaker neighbor how it's going financially, and you'll get a mixture of liars dice, false bravado, partial truths and ..... well ..... the following video is the best explanation of how that game is played.......